Free Funny Jokes Mobile Phone Wallpapers For Your Cell Phone 240x320

here's some very funny mobile phone wallpapers in the 240x320 and 320x480 resolution that will make you laugh and lol. The banana flashing the strawberry and pear is the funniest im my opinion shortly followed by the speeding pic which i think is so very true. Please dont take offence to any of the images here they are solely for a laugh as your cell phone background and nothing more.

Below We Have these really hilariously funny wallpapers for phones you can download for your screensaver or background.

  • well you deserve a big f you
  • dont you wish your girlfriend was this hot
  • i f you
  • flashing banana
  • harder better faster stronger
  • i guess il have another beer joke
  • good gild go to heaven bad girls go down
  • by the time you finish reading this you will have realized you have wasted 5 seconds of your life
  • i realize why i dont like you, your an idiot
  • warning sex mad
  • who are these people and where is my underwear

Here we've got some free mobile phone wallpapers for your cell phone that are funny and some are jokes as well.