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Love cell phone wallpapers in 240x320 and 320x480 of all thing love, valentines and some hearts etc. These will make good love picture messages to send to your boyfriend or girlfriend on valentines day, anniversary or any day of the year. Dont forget to check out other categories including the love hearts page link below. Please check out the other pages of love wallpaper for mobile, there are 3 in total with hearts and valentines images.

Sweet images of loving thing like lover birds, teddies and kisses are what this category is about. These are also a great idea of something you can send your partner of facebook or post on their timeline.

You can text them to your lover as an appreciation message or even set them as a background image on their phone in secret and wait until they open their phone.

Love cell phone wallpapers below are:

  • flame couple
  • teddy bear
  • valentines
  • kiss
  • love heart drawn in the sand

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