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Some of the brightest and most colorful 240x320 and 320x480 mobile phone wallpapers around consisting of fruit, hot air balloons and other bright scenes to download right here. Everyone likes a bit of color on their screen and why not take advantage of the size and clarity of modern screens right and see how they look. Bright and colourful mobile wallpapers lift your mood and brighten your day every time you look at your screen, check a message or the time. Try to move away from dark backgrounds and show of the true colour depth of your cell phones screen with something bright and clear.

These may be for much older small phone screens but they are still some of my favorites of the 240x320's backgrounds. They have been made simple or captured simple and thats how i like bright colors like these.

Whats more colourful that a brightly coloured hot air balloon against a deep blue sky? The answer is lots and lots of hot air balloons in the sky flying around.

Below We Have

  • Blue sky
  • Heart shaped cut orange
  • tropical fruit drink
  • Fruit
  • Hot air balloon
  • bright colour stars
  • colour leaves
  • windmill


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