Free Quirky Mobile Phone Wallpapers For Your Cell Phone

Here's some quite quirky free mobile phone wallpapers that are a little strange but someone will like them. These are 240x320 and 320x480 in size so that's the screen sizes they are made for. The apple one with the headphones in it is just plain funny and clever. I like the reality sucks so im gonna keep dreaming background and the blue flaming skull one isn't too bad as well so have a look guys.

Theres some quirky and different bits and pieces which you can have to mix things up. Get looking around as we have tons of wallpaper categories for you to choose from. These are 240 x 320 and 320 x 480 resolution but may work good on your phone too so try and see for yourself peoples.

Some of the quirky wallpapers here are:

  • apple headphones
  • bomb face
  • radio active sign
  • reality sucks
  • skull flames
  • switched on
  • exit sign
  • skull bones

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