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These free mobile phone wallpapers of plants may be simply copied to your pc and transferred to a mobile phone. You may also access them by typing in the exact address from your phone found when you right click the image and select properties. These were all captured by myself with my own digital camera and then optimized and cropped into a 240x320 screen resolution for phones. These are just the tip of the iceberg as we have many more plants, brands, windows vista, windows xp, apple and many more. there's also a nature category containing links to the plants, animals, water including lakes etc and even sunsets. Im still pretty proud of the wallpapers even if they are several years old. Not bad for a kodak 5mp digital camera ay? Now days ive got a pretty flash digital camera with way more features, i do alot of nice nature shots still including plants and flower mainly. I also grow plant and flower arrangements especially for taking digital photos of them. Recently i got a great 8 shots on macro of a garden lizard coming out of a dark crack in the bricks at a hospital car park. Moss growing on the shady brick covered ground and surrounding walls. I also grow moss in these plant and flower arrangements to make the scene even better as i think it makes a good cover. It also keeps the ground more moisturized and is a good indicator of too dry ground and if your plants need water or less sun.

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