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These texture cell phone wallpapers are what i call pixel blur which is quite an easy effect explained here. They were created by taking a digital image i had taken and by zooming in really far on a particular section of the image. Is amazing what you can do with a digital camera and a really close up zoom, just sounds funny right? The zooming was done after the picture was already taken and not while shooting the pic. I like them i think they make for a non intrusive background rather than something that's right in your face so to speak, makes a good change imo. If you like simplicity then you should check out the other categories why you are here, there's definitely a lot of other simplistic ones there for you.

Next time you take a picture, zoom in really far on your pc and see what kind of weird pixels appear. Sometimes simple images make better less distracting backgrounds because they are easier on the eyes then images with a lot going on in them. that's not to say that only texture wallpapers are any good as there are a great deal of great graphics out there that arent texture or abstract.

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