hd penguins of madagascar mobile wallpapers 1080x1920

The penguins of madagascar movie lived up to my expectations as being funny and keeping the character of the penguins the same as the madagascar movies. i always loved them guys and i think that the movies wouldn't have been as funny without them little fury guys. So here's a bunch of the penguins of madagascar mobile wallpapers in 1080x1920 hd that i think you will like to have on your cellphone. if you haven't seen the movie then it should be on the cards for your next movie night. The penguins skipper, rico, private and kowalski are kidnapped and find themselves trying to save the penguins of the world from being transformed from cute and fluffy to deformed and ugly as revenge for getting all the attention in the zoo.

Its a fantastic animated film that instantly goes in to my favorites list of animated films. Il be eagerly waiting the release of the penguins of madagascar 2 but until then enjoy these hd mobile phone wallpapers of the fluffy guys.

The hd 1080x1920 penguins of madagascar mobile wallpapers below

  • skipper
  • rico
  • private
  • kowalski
  • wall
  • penguins sliding
  • blue
  • standing
  • penguins stripes
  • circus

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  • Released: November 14, 2014 China
  • Produced by: dreamworks, pacific data images
  • Ratings: 6.9/10 imdb, 72% rotten tomatoes


  • skipper: tom mcgrath
  • private: christopher knights
  • kowalski: chris miller
  • rico: john dimaggio
  • mort: andy richter
  • alex: ben stiller
  • marlene: nicole sullivan